The Darshan Project is a multi-media content production platform that combines Jewish text and tradition with a radical commitment to creative inspiration and cultural innovation.

Musically and Poetically, Darshan brings together the soul-stirring melodies of Shir Yaakov Feit and Basya Schechter (Pharaoh's Daughter) with the spine-tingling rap/poetry of Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME). Each song is equal parts Melody, Poetry, Prayer, and Midrash.

Additionally, Darshan creates cutting-edge video content, curates a series of poetic essays, and offers a number of unique learning and liturgical opportunities.

"RAZA", Darshan's second album is set to be released on Chant Records on November 1, 2017.  Combining the evocative songwriting of Basya Schechter and the esoteric rap/poetry of Eden Pearlstein, RAZA transforms the traditional prayers and mystical poetry of Kabbalat Shabbat into a genre-defying work of Sacred Pop-Art. Produced by Frederik Rubens. Artwork by Gregory Welker.

"Deeper and Higher," Darshan's debut full length album was released in 2015. Featuring the sweet, soaring melodies of Shir Yaakov and the probing rap/poetry of Eden Pearlstein, "Deeper and Higher" represents Darshan's first fruits following a 7 year cycle of intense learning and ecstatic creativity. Produced by Jamie Saft. Artwork by Mathew W. Moore.