What happens when Darshan, the neo-hasidic folk-rap duo comprised of veteran emcee Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME) and singer/songwriter Shir Yaakov, comes together with “Radical Jewish Culture” heavyweight Jamie Saft (Electric Masada, The Dreamers, Bad Brains) to produce its debut full length album? A piece of musical art titled “Deeper and Higher”, which is not just the name of the album, but a description of the creative process and spiritual path that Darshan lives by. 

At its core, Darshan (meaning ‘myth-maker’ or ‘meaning-seeker’) is a collaborative partnership and practice that combines deep engagement with sacred text and tradition and a radical commitment to creative inspiration and cultural innovation. 

“Deeper and Higher,” Darshan’s debut full length album, is set for official release on September 29, 2015 and provides a perfect audio snapshot of Darshan at their most passionate, poetic, subtle and psychedelic. In addition to Jamie Saft, who not only produced but also played on every track, the album features NYC jazz, rock and funk veteran Ben Perowsky on drums, as well as stunning vocal accompaniment from Basya Schechter (Pharaoh’s Daughter) and Elana Brody. 

Taken as a whole, “Deeper and Higher” is a truly unique blend of artistic elements and eclectic influences including: The Roots, Rebbe Nachman, Pink Floyd, and Patanjali.