“Know Return”

“Know Return” is a poetic meditation on the spiritual cycle of Teshuva (repentance and renewal) that characterizes the months of Elul and Tishrei, including Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur. 

Through a series of dream-like tableaus, vivid impressions of the natural world, and snapshots of the hustle and bustle of human life, “Know Return” paints a kaleidoscopic perspective. Drawing attention to our inner, personal process as well as the the complementary cycle of the seasons, Darshan creatively connects the natural, human and heavenly spheres.

Video directed by Ken Ross and edited by Phyllis Famiglietti:

A pioneer in music video production since 1984, Ken Ross has directed over 60 music videos for various artists, including The Smiths, Chicago, Suzanne Vega, Club Nouveau, and Patti Smith.

Based in New York City, Ross, along with his production company, Cyclone Pictures, Inc., counts numerous documentaries, commercials, long format programs, DVDs, music videos and experimental films among his credits. http://www.kenross.tv

Debut Full Length Album
“Deeper & Higher” 

AVAILABLE September 29
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“Deeper & Higher” Lyrics




Darshan is a new Jewish musical project that combines deep engagement with sacred text and tradition and a radical commitment to creative inspiration and cultural innovation.  

At its core, Darshan (meaning 'myth-maker', 'seeker', 'deliverer of the drash') is a wholly unique blend of artistic elements, bringing together the soul-stirring melodies of Shir Yaakov Feit and Basya Schechter (Pharaoh's Daughter) with the spine-tingling rap/poetry of Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME). Darshan performs in a variety of configurations ranging from stripped-down acoustic ensembles to plugged-in big-stage performances.

Additionally, Darshan offers a number of unique learning opportunities (as found in the “Offerings” section of this site), as well as curates a series of popular and poetic essays from cutting-edge rabbis, scholars, and artists exploring the frontiers of Jewish text-study, creative process, spiritual practice, and ritual art (as found in the “Musings” section of this site).

"Deeper and Higher," Darshan's debut full length album, is set for official release in the Fall of 2015. Produced by Downtown "Radical Jewish Culture" heavyweight Jamie Saft (Electric Masada, The Dreamers), the album provides a perfect audio snapshot of Darshan at their most passionate, poetic,  subtle and psychedelic. It is truly a collection of unlikely and eclectic influences including:

The Roots, Rebbe Nachman, Pink Floyd, and Patanjali.






Darshan Live is available in multiple configurations ranging from sit-down acoustic ensembles to "plugged-in" big-stage sets. To discuss concert offerings please contact Simcha Schwartz at: simshineproductions@gmail.com


Full Weekend including Friday Night Davenning, Saturday Parsha Poem or Derash (optional), Afternoon Study (optional), Saturday Night Performance.

Classes or Workshops

PaRDeS in Practice: A behind-the-scenes tour of Darshan's creative process. Get a rare glimpse into the multi-dimensional world of music and midrash in motion. In this class we will deconstruct the text and structure of a Darshan song in order to explore the exciting intersection of textual interpretation and personal artistic expression.

The Art of Jewish Ritual: In our current age of "enlightenment," entertainment and alienation, ritual has, for many people, become a lost art. For both ritual leaders and participants, it is often challenging to find a way in to the heart of a ritual experience. In this class, appropriate for clergy and congregation alike, we will explore ritual through the lens of art and creativity. We will explore the question: what do theater, music, poetry and dance have to teach us about creating a "successful" and meaningful ritual experience for all involved? This class is available as a general overview, or can be tailored to explore a specific ritual or life-cycle event.

The Way of the Darshan:  This interactive workshop will include an introduction to Darshan's creative methodology and will give participants the opportunity to explore and deepen their own interpretive/associative/expressive/artistic process. Appropriate for both experienced artists and beginning level artists in training. 

Davennology: Dive in to the depths of the Divine with Darshan as we explore the Four Worlds of Jewish prayer including the spiritual technologies of embodied spiritual practice, heart-centered song, silent meditation, standing in the presence of the Divine, the structure of liturgy, and the mysteries of the Hebrew language

Melava Malka:  Literally "escorting the queen," the Melava Malka is a beautiful way to take leave of the Shabbat while at the same time ushering in the coming week.  Through song, poetry and teaching, this mystical "Fourth Meal" helps us to integrate our previous Shabbat experience and to irrigate the rest of the week ahead. (Saturday night program)

You Choose!: Do you have a particular topic that you want to explore with Darshan or through the lens of the creative process? We're open to suggestions! This could include a particular weekly Torah portion, an upcoming holiday, a particular life-cycle event, a particular body of Jewish literature or thought, a particular Jewish thinker or book, a particular spiritual practice from within the Jewish tradition, etc. You let us know what wellspring of Torah you want to immerse yourself or your community within and we will dive in with you!


Darshan is happy to create unique songs and poems for your Synagogue service, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday observance, or any other ritual or life-cycle event on a commission basis. You select the event, let us know what your looking for, and we will create a one-of-a-kind poem or song for the special occasion or person that you want to honor, commemorate, or inspire.