River of Tears (Nahar)

וְרָזָא דָא
דְּהָא הַהוּא נָהָר
נָהָר דְּנָגִיד וְנָפִיק 
לָא פָּסְקָן
 מֵימוֹי לְעָלְמִין

וְעַל דָּא מִבָּעֵי לֵיהּ
לְבַר נָשׁ דְּלָא יַפְסִיק
נַהֲרָא וּמְקוֹרָא
דִּילֵיהּ בְּהַאי עָלְמָא 

VeRaza Da
DeHa HaHu Nahar
Nahar DeNagid VeNafik La Paskan
MayMoi LeAlmin

VeAl Da MeBaAy Lay
LeVar Nash DeLa Yafsik
Nahara UmKorah (Nahara UmKorah)
DeLay BeHai Alma

From all the up way at the top of the ladder
Where there is no separation between spirit and matter
Before the heart of the world was broken and battered
Leaving love letters behind sparks scattered & shattered

Theres a pure drop of rain that exists in the brain
Of the One no name could ever contain
And it’s all locked up in the heavenly treasury
But every holy thief holds a skeleton key

Mine is a melody that I learned from an assembly
Of angelic entities bent on healing and helping me
they saw how we suffered so year after year
And they taught me the secret of the river tears

VeAl Da...

They say you never step in the same river twice
Is it a body of water or a fountain of light
That flows underground without a sound until now
The drought is finally over she’s sufficiently aroused

Desire is a heavenly fire
That will never expire as long as we are inspired
And that’s the paradox of an answered prayer
The Blessing only appears when you become aware

But its always right there just waiting for a sign
That you are prepared to face your fears
As we swim in the stars and rise to the depths
On the stairway to heaven every breath is a step