Why Wait

I don’t know how I know what I know
but I know that it’s alright...

Why wait to wake up? Why wait to be free?
Why wait to be holy in the place to be?

The time is now, we’ve arrived, welcome to the end times
It’s alive and aligned like a serpent and a spine
The design of your mind is like a mime in a shrine
Why wait to get open? Why wait to see the signs?
Eprhyme spits alchemy so refined,
put the fruit back on the branch of the tree of life

I don’t know how I know what I know
but I know that it’s alright...

Take a circle and a line, candle bread and some wine
I am my beloved’s my beloved is mine
We got apples and honey to sweeten the judgment
Ten days to resolve, absolve and evolve
Temporary shelter make sure you can still see the stars
Four species, directions and matriarchs
Eight days later and i’m dancin’ like a torah scholar
Offer up my prayers like a fountain full of fire water

Why Wait, why wait, why wait for you,
You’re already here for me to call on you...

Don’t get stuck in the narrow tunnel vision
What feels like liberation could land you in prison
’Cause all the self-righteous discipline and terminology
You’ll find yourself lost in the forest of philosophy in need of a lobotomy
Unless you balance your commitment with compassion and equality
Life is beautiful, deep drunk delirious, so serious its hilarious 
Learn from the best teacher is experience