Sing A New Song


What does it mean to sing a new song?
If you always freestyle no one else can sing along, but
If it's always the same
Then you’re stuck on autopilot — no heart, no brain

Prayer is similar to seducing a lover
When you see each other everyday under the covers
It's interpretive dance and your left to wonder
Who's leading who, is it one or the other?

In a state of grace — sing a new song

Thanks and praise— sing a new song

Radical amaze— sing a new song

Every single day— sing a new song

Love that phrase— sing a new song

Barrel of a wave— sing a new song

Even on stage— sing a new song

Minimum wage— sing a new song

Radical renewal is deeper than novelty
Just cuz its trending don't make it worth following
On the other hand, I got no apology
For smashing idolatry and breaking the monotony

Truth is the glue that holds us together, but
Music is proven to purify the present, so
Join the chorusline of cosmic creation, and
Sing a new song in the name of the ancients

Found another way— sing a new song

Had a good day— sing a new song

Out of harm’s way— sing a new song

Being in the sway— sing a new song

Think I’ll stay— sing a new song

What the Hei— sing a new song

Happily astray— sing a new song

Trump’s toupe— sing a new song


Shiruladonaishirchadash; shiruladonaikolha'aretz.
Shiruladonaibarechushemo; basserumiyomleyomyeshu'ato.
Sapperubagoyimkevodo; bekholha'amimnifle'otav.
Ki gadoladonaiumhullalme'od; norahu al kolelohim.


1 Sing a New Song to G-d; sing Earth unto the LORD!

2 Sing to G-d, bless His name; proclaim Her salvatio from day to day.
3 Declare G-d’s glory among the nations, G-d’smarvello works among the peoples.
4 For great is G-d, and highly to be praised; G-d is to be feared above all other rulers.


(Psalm 96, 1-4)