These Are The Journeys


Ana b'choachgedulatyeminchatatirts’rurah
kabelrinatam’cha, sagvenu, taharenu, norah


O Lord, with the greatnes of Your powerful right hand, please loosen the bonds of our captivity.

Accept the cry of Your people; exalt and purify us, O thou who art tremendo!


We come to you with broken wings
Cranial guitars with stolen strings
Heart shaped scars start opening
For the soul to sing unspoken things

We like to picture god inside of us
But what if we were the sacred trust
Would it change the way that we discuss
The pursuit of justice can't be just us

Na gibordorsheiy'chudchak'vavatshomrem;
barchemtaharem, rachamem, tzidkatchatamidgomlem.


O most powerful God! Please protect the Seekers of Unity like the apple of your eye! Bless and purify them, and continuayrepay them with your Merciful Righteousness!


Yachidg'ehl'ameachap'neh, zochreik'dushatecha.

You who are most mighty and holy! Guide yourpeoplon with abundant goodness.

You who art unique and most excellen, regardyour people, who continuay make mention of yourholiness.

With Gentle strength and the power of peace
Please guide our steps and help us reach
That space beyond where the eye can speak
With words with wings with praise with feet

Every letter is a leaf on the tree of life
Every day is a seed in the soil of night
Every moment is a mirror take off your mask
Now we're face to face, may I have this dance?



Baruch Shem K’vodMalchutol’OlamVa’ed


Acce our prayers, and hearken to our cries. O Thou! To whom all secrets are known.

Blessed is the Name of Glory, whose sovereignty extends throughout all space and time