We Already Are


Yedidnefesh, Av harachaman,
meshochAvdacha el Retzonach.
Ye’erav lo yedidutacha, minofettsufvecholta’am.


Lover of my soul, merciful God,
brin your servant close to Your will.
Your servant will run like a gazelle to prostrat before Your glory.
For Your companiohip is purer than any fine taste or delicacy.


My soul sings to you o' sweetest friend
And begs to be admitted to your depths within
If you say the word and strike the chord
I'll let down my guard and put down the sword

Say the word
Strike the chord
Let down my guard
Put down the sword


Hadoornaehzivhaolam, nafshicholatahavatacha.
Anah El nah refah nah lah, b’harotlahnoamzivach,
Aztitchazekv’titrapeh, v’hay’tahlahsimchatolam.


Perft, pleasing, radiance of the world, my soul desires Your love.
Plea, God, heal her now, as You show her the pleasantss of Your light.
Now, strength and heal her, and she will be eternallyhappy.

From a broken place we seek Your face
For just one taste of limitless grace
Like a cluster of grapes is crushed and fermented
We elevate the pain by makin a blessin

Cluster of grapes
Crushed and fermented
Elevate pain
By makin a blessin


Vatikyehemoonarachamechav’chusana al ben ohavacha.
Ki zehkamahnichsofnichsafti, lir’otbetiferetoozacha.
Eylehchamdalee’bee, v’choosah nah v’altitalalei.


Ancit one, many your mercies be made manifest,
And have compassi on the child of Your lover.
For it is so long that I have faithful waited to see the glory of Your strength.
Plea, my God, the desire of my Heart, hurry and do not hide!

I've done all I can, I've fixed what I could
Your love is the fire, my heart is the wood
But who holds the match? Is it You or the fact
That I yearn to burn and turn into ash and then back?

Higaleh nah uf’roschavivi alai, et sukkatshelomacha
Taireretzmikevodacha, nagilahv’nismechahbach.
Maher ahoov, kivamoed, v’chonenukimeiolam.

Plea, my beloved, reveal yourself and spread over me the shelter of Your peace.
Fill the world with the light of your glory, so that we may rejoice and be happy in You.
Be quick, my lover, for the time has come, and have mercy on me for all time.

Within your tent what was two becomes one
And dissolves back to none before birthing a sun
Or a moon or a star or a song from afar
We sing to come close- but we already are

Sun moon star
Songs from afar
Sing to come close
We already are