Praying in the Fields

What steps can we take
to keep ourselves awake?

So easy to fall asleep.
So easy to be weak. 

Been shattered just like the two tablets,
scattered over seven seasons lost in the madness

Overcame challenge to regain my balance,
try to stay insane not waste my talents

Gladness is the outcome
of this practice when the doubt comes

This glass appears totally empty
despite all the static i receive from my sensory memory.

Everything’s a blessing, light is the remedy — or
at least that’s what the darkness is telling me

In a song with a sound so heavenly like a wordless melody
straight from the lips of the rebbe

Fear and trembling, aimless wandering,
tame this part of me most high mold my soul like pottery


I talk with the sages, rock like the ages,
walk with the nameless, right off the pages
Let’s rip the mask off the faceless, I wanna kick a rap for all races,
that is the basis of my neurosis
God was in this place and I didn’t even notice


The only thing that’s real is the light our love reveals
the wholeness of a broken heart and things that fall apart.
We heal the world from it’s despair
Thoughts that break our hearts repair
Playing in the open air and praying in the fields.


Wandering, wondering will I make it home,
the way is not a word when you’re lost and alone

Went to sleep last night in a circle of stones,
wrapped in a cloak on a bed made of bones

Had a vision in a dream how the Elohim flow
rose in a pose about to unfold

Woke up ­— still don’t know which direction to go —
so I follow my soul with my eyes closed

I chose the path that fits my feet,
long and winding with the bridges behind me intact

Standing in the middle of a storm with a lit match
the impact of the past stings like a slap

When you fully realize you can never go back
its like that that’s why I write rap

So my story stays with me as I ride on the track