I'm Here

i’m here
    my dear
        i’m clear
            and bright
                and true

with     every single breath
            every single smile
            every single step of
            every single mile

the truth
    comes slowly
        and that’s okay (or so they say)

I choose
    to be with you
        to see it through
            both night and day
                so i can say...


she’s a rare bird
she sing a sweet song
she lives where words work
like a magic wand

she took a vow of silence
to see if she could find it
the power behind it
the hour is timeless

where spirit meets science
the wind speaks soft as a whisper
four streams kiss, become one river
now we’re back, before we began

in the middle of the garden
with the future in our hand
at that exact moment
we could never understand the extent
or the ramifications of the plan... 

the horrific noise of that one choice 
shattered our shelter, she had to use her voice
to try to make it right, to try to bring us back, 
rom darkness to the light, this is the only path. 


I'm here...


and so she flew away
leaving an empty nest
except for this tune to play
when we needed rest

but no one can agree
on how its supposed to sound
. . .
she’s nowhere to be found

all alone she cries
its like a nightmare
nobody dries her eyes
or even slightly cares

and this is how its been
for so long she can’t remember when
she used to sing all day
with the whispering wind
at the top of the tree
she thought we were friends... 

the horrific noise...


I'm here...


we’re all too busy
to notice what we’re missing
that’s why she says
stretch in the seventh inning

she’ll come back
but we have to ask her
with our tears and laughter
to clear the fear factor

we can’t be afraid
we have to be brave
i say it face to face
we need to change our ways

take time to create space
and make a major wave
through letters that we send her
so tender full of praise 

three times a day
she bathes in praise
while we wait
we pray to gain in faith

and grow in joy
so we can act in love
come back my dove
you promised us

that you’d never leave
we still have your memory
we said we’d be right here
she said you better be. 

הנה אני ידידי הנני
בכל לבבי ובכל נפשי
בכל מאדי ובכל בשרי

בידו אפקיד רוחי
ולא אירא רע כי אתה עמדי