Remember The Future (Raysheet)

תחלת שבח וראשית שירה
תחלת גילה וראשית רנה
'משוררים השרים המשרתים בכל יום לה

גיל גיל כסא כבוד
רנן רנן מושב עליון
הריע הריע כלי חמדה שנעשה בהפלא ופלא 

שמח תשמיח מלך שעליך
בשמחת חתן בבית חופתו 


love is elusive
like music
the closer you get
the more likely to lose it
home improvement
high maintenance
worth every penny of passion and patience

i suggest you proceed with caution
unless you wanna catch a ride with four horsemen
what good is politics during the apocalypse
lets learn to live together 
love each other
laugh about all of this

the whole world waits to receive her mystery
the earth quakes turn the page of history
the birth pains of a brand new everything
sift through remains of my childhood memory
assembling the best of me 
to get the rest of me
to wanna take the remedy
the serum's in the venom
and the plowshares in the weaponry
it's all about perspective
pure chesed 
live and let live

if you really love yah
and yah is one
than you know that the moon and the sun 
they come from 
the same place
we all one human race
we share the same fate
and we bear the same weight
of the world

its up to us boys and girls
to remember the future
when jerusalem becomes
what it was always meant to be
a city of peace
the third temple descends
a house of prayer for all of my peeps


Techilat shevach veraysheet shirah,
Techilat gilah veraysheet rinah
Meshorarim ham’sarim ham’shartim
Bechol yom l’AVAYAH

Geel, geel keeseh chavod,
Ranen, ranen, moshav elyon
Hariah, hariah kli chemdah,
She’na’asah b’haflay ya’feleh

Sameach t’samach melech she’alecha
K’simchat chatan b’vayit chupato