To Zion

בכל מקום שאני הולך אני הולך לירשאלים
בכל מקום שאני הולך אני הולך לציון
“everywhere I go, I'm going to Jerusalem.
everywhere I go, I'm going to Zion.”


Bechol makom she'ani holech
Ani holech le'Yerushalayim
Bechol makom she'ani holech
Ani holech le'Tzion


it’s been a good ride but we far from done
a steep climb some cheap wine to greet the stars and sun
the war’s been won without collateral damage
can you believe it not one bullet coffin bomb or bandage

no tanks or shanks, just praise and thanks
we had to break ranks with the hateful snakes
there’s more at stake than what’s on your plate
the most high and the human race are on a blind date

desperately searching for something anything to feel free
when all i had to do was let me be the real me
and all those troubles that i blamed on everybody else
were really internal struggles i had to deal with myself

i’m not sayin’ that it’s all in our mind
‘cause for real we co-creatin’ with the aid of the divine
i mean for sure we play a role, even got a big part
in the cosmic drama — life — god’s greatest work of art

some people see it as a test in a laboratory
every step is mandatory and so are categories
but that’s the saddest story that i can’t relate to
all your mathematics don’t equate to one great view

we need a breakthrough, poetry for president
every person has their own potential that they represent
peace is possible but only if we first believe
that everything created is b’tzelem elohim

the last train leavin’ headed for the promised land
ran out of steam, lost track and got stuck in the sand
and now its up to us no more hitchin’ a ride
you can travel without movin’ when your goin’ inside

the water’s deep but the depths can’t reach the beach
like the feeling of a thought seeks release through speech 


We're going home... To Zion