For the Sake of Unification

For the Sake of Unification
I radiate light to the nations
Consecrate your creation
And await liberation


We receive Torah when we all unify,
put down your pride, all differences aside
there’s something so much deeper
than the fences that we build
in the holiest of holies you can see the sounds still
with one voice we made the choice freewill
to accept the yoke of heaven and mitzvot to fulfill
na’aseh v’nishmah you get the spirit of the LAW
when you add Love and AWe


Why take me from my Father’s home?
Why forsake me Mother Alone?
Keep me awake as the seeds are sown
And the great redemption’s grown


Then you get a vowel with each step on the path
the secret of the crown turns a serpent to a staff
melody and rhythm bring you paneem el paneem
like a ladder in between reality and dream
black and white fire let’s go deeper and higher
in spirit inspire develop desire
black and white fire, deeper and higher
in spirit inspire develop desire


As I wait I will sing
I will take shelter of your wing
Please do not be late, don’t delay the spring
We’ll celebrate both Queen and King


lost in the wilderness
prayin’ for rain,
callin’ on the infinite
for guidance again
unlock the gates,
come on open the clouds,
with tears of joy
your blessings come down
up from the ground
a wellspring bursts forth
pursue peace and justice
in the heavenly court
it’s time to live life
as if our actions made a difference
everything you touch in this life
bears your fingerprints