Voice Lessons (Qala DEQalYA)

קַל קַלָא דְקַלְיָא
אִתְעָר מֵעֵילָא לְתַתָא

קַל נְעִימוּתָא אִתְעָר
אִתְעָרוּ נַיימִין

אוֹרַייתָא רַמאָת קַליִן

From deep within I heard a whispering wind
A silent scream serenade settling in.
Every river started as a single drop of water
So we Swim against the current to return to the harbor.
The empty vessel contains infinite potential
Like a hollowed out rams horn right before a breathful
Of desire, intention to inspire expression
The world is a mirror — can you see your reflection?

The life that I’m leading is leaving me in the dust.
Do I keep on believing in teachings speaking of love?
When all I see is innocent suffering
Waiting for the voice within the whirlwind wondering
Why what when who where how??????
Til' I realized the goal is not to figure it out
But to animate faith in the face of doubt
And respond to the call of the spirit — can you hear it?

A voice, your voice, our voices
Above below outside within
The sound surrounds astounding
Where silence starts the song begins

Fluttering by a divine lullaby
Escape from sleep to Awaken the dream